Prof. Xia, Yiji

Prof. Yung, Ken Kin Lam

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMME DIRECTOR – provide general academic advisory support for undergraduate students within the programme
Dr. Ng, Danny Wang Kit

ACADEMIC ADVISORS – provide major-specific advisory supports and career advise for students within the Biotechnology or the Environmental Science major
Prof. Mak Ni Ki (Biotechnology Major)
Prof. Wong, Jonathan Woon Chung (Environmental Science Major)

YEAR TUTORS – provide advisory support for specific class of students and gather students opinions through consultative meetings
Dr. Ng, Danny Wang Kit (Year 2 tutor)
Dr. Lai, Ka Man (Year 3 tutor)
Prof. Mak Ni Ki (Year 4 tutor)

SENIOR YEAR ENTRANTS MENTOR – provide specific academic support for non-JUPAS senior entrants to year 3/ year 4 of the programme
Dr. Yue, Patrick Ying Kit

EXCHANGE COORDINATOR – provide advisory support for students interested in the student exchange programme
Dr. Ng, Danny Wang Kit

DEPARTMENT EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT FOR UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMME – assist undergraduate students with all academic issues such as course registration, internships, graduation, etc.
Ms. Chan, Andrea Hei Man

MENTORS – provide personal support for specific student within the undergraduate programme. Each student will be notified and assigned an academic staff member as mentor

TAUGHT POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME DIRECTOR – provide academic advisory support for students in the taught postgraduate programme
Dr. Chung, Shan Shan

TAUGHT POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT – assist students with all academic issues related to the taught postgraduate programme
Ms. Ng, Eryn Ho Yi