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HKBU Secondary School Principals’ Day 2020

HKBU Secondary Principal Day 2
09:15-11:00 am
AAB402K, Level 4, Academic and Administration Building, HKBU
Urban Agriculture - Building an Oasis in Education
Dr Anna Leung, Lecturer, Department of Biology
Academic Registry, HKBU

About the topic: 

Food security and food safety are becoming issues of growing concern due to global climate change and environmental contamination. Currently, about 98% of the vegetables in the markets in Hong Kong are imported, however, urban agriculture can play a role in the production of safe quality food, in addition to providing a green oasis in our fast-paced and highly urbanised city. With the implementation of the New Agriculture Policy in 2017 to promote the modernisation and sustainable development of local agriculture, there is greater awareness about the benefits of growing locally. Small-scale farming, including leisure, recreational farming, and demonstration farms in secondary schools, has a high educational potential. Through hands-on interaction with the soil and planting, farming not only nurtures the plants, but it also nurtures the young generation to gain a deeper appreciation of nature and to treasure the environment and the hard work of our farmers producing quality food for us. By teaching urban agriculture, and thus integrating nature and sustainability education into the school curriculum, secondary school students will learn many important concepts such as respect and care of our nature and environment, the interrelationships between food and agriculture and how every person can contribute to sustainable development. Urban agriculture can cultivate and build an oasis in education for students to explore and to interact with nature. And in the process, develop and strengthen positive life values that can guide them throughout their lives.