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夏亦薺教授獲大學教育資助委員會研究資助局2019-20年度協作研究金 (CRF)


Congratulations to Professor Xia Yiji on receiving the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2019-20! The amount awarded is HK$6,087,995.


Administered by the RGC, the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) aims at encouraging research groups in UGC-funded universities to engage in collaborative research across disciplines and across universities with a view to enhancing the research output of universities in terms of the level of attainment, quantity, dimensions and speed. As the Project Coordinator, Professor Xia will collaborate with his team members from HKBU, CityU and CUHK to study the “Non-canonical NAD-capped RNAs in Arabidopsis: mechanisms of capping and decapping and molecular and physiological functions”.


恭喜夏亦薺教授獲大學教育資助委員會研究資助局2019-20年度協作研究金 (CRF)!撥款金額為港幣6,087,995元。


協作研究金 (CRF) 由研資局管理,旨在鼓勵教資會資助大學的研究小組跨學科和跨大學開展合作研究,以提高大學的科研水平、數量、空間和速度。夏教授作為項目協調員,將率領浸大、城大和中大的團隊,合作研究「擬南芥非典型的NAD-capped RNA: 加端帽和去端帽的機理和它們的分子與生理功能」。