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General Research Fund (GRF) grant has been awarded to four proposals from the Department of Biology in 2020 – 2021
生物系四項研究項目成功獲得大學教育資助委員會研究資助局優配研究金(2020-2021) 資助




In the results of General Research Fund (GRF) grants 2020/2021 from the Research Grants Council announced in June 2020, FOUR of our GRF proposals were funded.


Principal Investigator Project Title Grant Total Awarded ($)(Including ECS Grant)
Prof Xia Yiji Understanding roles of NAD-capped RNAs in regulating virulence of the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae 1,394,799
Prof Zhang Jianhua Cloning and functional analysis of the main QTL gene qBGW1 that controls rice grain width 1,394,799
Prof Zhao Zhongying Characterizing the in vivo functions of cyclin L and its binding partners in pre-mRNA splicing and cell cycle control 1,193,549
Prof Xiong Liming Molecular Mechanisms for LOT1 Regulation of Plant Drought Stress Tolerance 1,193,350



Congratulations to the colleagues who were successful in securing a GRF grant!