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Congratulation to Prof. YJ Xia & Prof. JW Qiu awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2022/23


Professor XIA Yiji (Chair Professor and Head of Department of Biology) and Professor QIU Jianwen (Professor and Associate Head of Department of Biology), as Principle Coordinators, have received the Collaborative Research Project Grant (CRPG) for their respective projects on “NAP capping of RNA: mechanism and functions” (HK$8,100,000 in grants covering a period of 36 months); and “Genomic Insights into Environmental Adaptation and Diversity of Deep-sea Siboglinidae” (HK$3,058,128 in grants covering a period of 36 months). The former research aims to address the function and mechanism of NAD-capped RNA using both plant and bacterial models; whereas the latter research aims to explore deep taxonomic and evolutionary questions in the Phylum Annelida (the segmented worms).