XIE, James Yang

Ph.D. Student
Department of Biology,
Hong Kong Baptist University, 
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.
Email: xieyangjames@gmail.com
Tel: 96015980
Supervisor: Dr. QIU Jianwen (HKBU)
2012 – Present Ph.D. Student, Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University
2008 – 2012 Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology, University of California, San Diego
Bioerosion of Corals in Hong Kong
Despite the small marine area and heavily populated coastal areas in Hong Kong, there are many coral communities with high biodiversity. However, many human activities are threatening the coral communities in Hong Kong and sedimentation is one of them. I am interested in investigating the effects of sedimentation and pollution on bioerosion of corals, hypothesizing that higher sedimentation rate promotes the growth of bioeroders in corals, which damages the integrity of the coral skeleton.
2012 Lab technician in Ocean Park Hong Kong
2011 – 2012 Senior Thesis in population analysis of mid-water fishes in California coast

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