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Cathy Lui

Cathy Lui  雷雅萍- New

Currently works as the Co-founder and CEO of a science and technology company

“The Department of Biology at HKBU did not only nurture me to be a better researcher during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies but also transformed me into an entrepreneur. I am extremely proud of being an alumnus of the department, where the platform provided, although intense, pushed me to grow and make leaps and bounds from academia to industry. If you are interested in learning, expanding your horizons, being challenged and supported by research experts, then Biology at HKBU could be for you.”


GBA Outstanding Young Woman Entrepreneur Award 2019

Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Metro Finance

– Innovators Under 35 for Asia Pacific 2019

MIT Technology Review Nov 2018

– SME Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2016

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business

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Melody LEUNGMelody Leung 梁嘉華 (2006)New

Currently works as a Lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

“Having enjoyed my undergraduate studies at HKBU, I chose to continue to study for my PhD degree here because of the many valuable learning opportunities on offer, and this is also where my career in academia began. I learnt a great deal from the friendly professors and teaching staff, and also presented my research findings at international conferences, and published my work in highly regarded journals.”

“The best feature of the undergraduate programme is the diversity of the curriculum. The programme is packed full of courses that provide students with fundamental scientific knowledge and transferable skills that will help them along whichever career path they wish to take.”

“One of my key experiences as a HKBU Biology student that has perpetuated into my career, was the way professors nurtured and encouraged each student to reach their true potential regardless of their background or previous academic performance in secondary school. This experience has greatly influenced my teaching style where I hope to pass on the same kindness and care to my students. I would also like to impart to students that a career is made up of many steps that may seem irrelevant but the world is your oyster, so you should be bold and grasp every opportunity that passes your way.”

Jackie PONJackie Pon 潘婉琳 (2003)

Currently works as an Accreditation Manager at the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service (UCN)

“I chose to study biology in the department at HKBU because of the close working relationships between teaching staff and students, and the extensive hands-on practical experience that the degree programme offered within a friendly environment.”

“My degree ultimately culminated in the final year project that was the part I enjoyed the most during my time at HKBU, where I learnt under the guidance of my mentor about the research process, from theory to the analysis of my experimental results to the completion of my thesis. This experience along with other components of the programme developed my critical thinking skills and scientific mindset, which have been instrumental in helping me successfully attain my PhD and professional development in my career.”

“My parting words of wisdom to students is to work hard and complete every task you undertake to the best of your ability, but enjoy the process too and make full use of the facilities on offer at HKBU. Also never limit yourself or set unnecessary boundaries when planning your career development.”

Sara Li LeiSara Li 李蕾 (2006)

Currently works as an Associate Professor at SIAT of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

“The Department of Biology at HKBU offers a caring and personal atmosphere that is conducive to achieving your full potential, so being an undergraduate student here was a wonderful experience for me. I also met like-minded people along the way and made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

“I will also be forever indebted to my former mentors and supervisors in the department for their kindness and support, where they not only cultivated my passion for scientific research but also guided me through my times of difficulty. So if you want to study biology somewhere where you can reap the benefits of a supportive network that’s second to none, then HKBU could be the place for you!”

Angel HUIAngel Hui 許均睿 (2009)

Currently works as a Health Inspector in the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

“The department’s teaching staff are passionate and enthusiastic about facilitating your learning and this greatly inspired me to find out where my interests lie. As a result, I am now working in the environmental health and safety sector, in which my responsibilities range from conducting inspections of licensed food premises to prosecuting illegal food businesses.”

“The undergraduate course is very practical involving laboratory based and field projects, where you need to work as a team with your classmates, in tackling problems and with a common goal in finding solutions. You will be well prepared for further study or employment if you study this course, as I have found from my own personal experience, in which I have learnt that when encountering difficult situations that having a positive attitude can make a world of difference and will also affect others around you.”

“It is also often conceived that studying for a degree in biology may pose employment difficulties in a business-oriented society such as Hong Kong but I can assure you that there are many opportunities out there. You just have to realise your potential and make the most of what you have.”

Peter LEEPeter Lee 李守一 (1991)

Currently works as the Asia Pacific General Manager of a leading antibodies company

“I work for a company that provides the world’s largest catalogue of antibodies, supplying tools and reagents to researchers so that they can explore and express target proteins. My B.Sc. Honours Degree in Applied Biology from HKBU has definitely bestowed me, with the necessary background and qualities, to have built an extensive career in the life sciences industry presently spanning twenty years.”

“My line of work entails being highly adaptable to changing environments, where I have had to relocate to Guangdong and Shanghai, travel all over the Asia Pacific, UK and USA to develop distribution networks and be exposed to different cultures, business models and working styles, having been employed by both European and American companies.”

“I have fond memories of my time in the Department of Biology, in which I made lifelong friendships and discovered that ecology was my favourite subject and this has had a lasting impact, as I still go on the occasional trip with my old classmates to capture photos of butterflies. Aside from studying, I was also actively involved as the sports captain of the Biology Society, where we never lost a match and still hold the record!”

Dorine LEUNGDorine Leung 梁麗萍 (1991)

Currently works as the General Manager of the HK office of a multinational pharmaceutical company

“My science background opened the door to the pharmaceutical industry after graduation, where the undergraduate degree offered by the department equipped us not only with academic and technical knowledge, but also valuable training to develop our determination in pursuing our long-term goals.”

“Collaboration during the laboratory sessions with my classmates fostered our understanding of the importance of teamwork, whilst participation in other activities also helped in sharpening our communication and social skills.”

Silvy PunSilvy Pun 潘婉堯 (2005)

Currently works as a Medical Service Specialist in the field of oncology in the pharmaceutical sector and volunteers as a spokesperson for a non-profit environmental organisation

“After graduating from Hong Kong Baptist University, my career began at Ocean Park, where I was keen to educate and influence others about the importance of environmental conservation. In 2009, I joined WWF (HK) to helm the shark conservation project and became known on the local scene as ‘Shark Girl’. Despite all the challenging factors I faced at the time, I persisted in educating and engaging locals about the significance of dwindling shark populations on the marine ecosystem as well as the key role Hong Kong plays in the global shark fin industry.”

“I now work full-time in a pharmaceutical company but still volunteer as a spokesperson for Shark Savers, and so my life is busy yet fruitful and rewarding. My time spent in the Department of Biology at HKBU not only provided me with valuable knowledge but more crucially fuelled my curiosity and love of learning, to think big and to never say never.”

Keibie CHANKeibie Chan 陳家儀 (2008)

Currently works as a Senior Product Specialist in a pharmaceutical company

“The nature of my job requires providing medical information to clients who are healthcare professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists who are experts in the medical field.”

“The department’s undergraduate programme provided me with sound scientific knowledge and communication skills, giving me the confidence to discuss the products which my company offers as well as helping me to excel in my role.””

Celia FUNGCelia Fung 馮詩麗 (2008)

Currently works as an Environmental Affairs Officer at Friends of the Earth (HK)

“My current role focuses a great deal on waste issues, and so the knowledge I obtained from my undergraduate degree on waste management in Hong Kong has proved invaluable.”

“The lecturers and professors in the department are knowledgeable and extremely supportive, assisting me not only during my university life but also after graduation, such as providing access to their research papers on past and present waste situations.”

“I would also like to recommend to prospective and current undergraduates to not only focus on what they are learning during classes, but that it is also important to broaden their horizons by doing their ‘own research’, so that they can have a better understanding of the subject. Through this process, they may even acquire the skills which may help them in their future careers!”

Samuel MASamuel Ma 馬經倫 (2010)

Currently works as an Arborist in a private landscaping company

“My current position centres on tree health and safety of trees in the city. Since there are no arboriculture degree programmes in Hong Kong, biology was the most closely related undergraduate option available to me in order to join the field. My time at HKBU in the Department of Biology involved the study of plant classification and physiology, and thus equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge to deal with the daily tasks at hand and further advanced my arboriculture studies.”

“I would also like to say that studying for my bachelor’s degree enhanced my interest in tree preservation and helped me to discover my own working direction.”


Yin Da 尹达 (2012)

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Maryland, U.S.A

“I would say the Department of Biology at HKBU has so much to offer, with such a wide range of expertise and facilities, where courses are designed to fit career aspirations. This meant that I had a skill set that opened numerous opportunities to me after graduation.”

“The final year project also provided the opportunity to specialise in a particular area of interest and for me, it was genetics. I deepened my understanding in the subject and gained valuable hands-on experience of the techniques, whilst receiving help from my mentor, the department and fellow students, which I really do appreciate as it has got me where I am today.”

“In addition, I benefited enormously from the many courses I took, such as molecular biology, statistics, chemistry, which gave me a solid science foundation and set me on my way to pursue a career in scientific research.”