DR. WONG, Roger Hoi Fung (王凱峰)

Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Berkeley)



  • Transcriptional regulation of energy metabolism
  • Transcriptional regulation of brown fat (BAT) development
  • Biology on energy metabolism and brown fat development traditional Chinese medicine derived natural products
  • Phosphoproteomic analysis of traditional Chinese medicine derived natural products
  • Molecular endocrinology
  • Molecular basis of metabolic diseases: metabolic syndromes, obesity, diabetes and NAFLD
  • Biological applications of novel peptidomimetic for biomarker and antigen discovery
  • Cancer immunology
  • ROS signaling and inflammatory response

As a PI:

  • Differential functional phosphoproteomic analysis of cancer cells with triptolide or celastrol treatment. Seed funding for basic research project, HKU, 2014
  • Global phosphoproteomic examination of immunomodulatory effect of analogues of anti-cancer compound Fumagillin analogues. Seed funding for basic research project, HKU, 2015
  • Role of USF methylation and epigenetic modifications in lipogenic gene repression during starvation. GRF, RGC, 2016, HKD $1,259,110
  • As a Co-I:

  • Functional and comparative phosphoproteomic analysis of cancer cells treated with anticancer natural products triptolide and celastrol. GRF, RGC, 2015, HKD $1,007,741



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  2. Dempersmier J, Sambeat, A, Gulyaeva O, Paul SM, Hudak CS, Raposo HF, Kwan HY, Kang CH, Wong RHF, Sul HS. Cold-Inducible Zfp516 activates UCP1 transcription to promote browning of white fat and development of brown fat. Molecular Cell (IF = 15.052). 2015 Jan 22; 57(2): 235-46


  1. Wong RHF*, Wang Y*, Tang T, Hudak, CS, Yang D, Duncan RE, Sul HS. Phosphorylation and Recruitment of BAF60c in Chromatin Remodeling for Lipogenesis in Response to Insulin. Molecular Cell (IF = 15.052). 2013 Jan 24;49(2):283-97


  1. Wong RHF, Sul HS. Insulin signaling in fatty acid and fat synthesis: a transcriptional perspective. Curr Opin Pharmacol (IF = 5.203). 2010 Dec; 10(6):684-91.


  1. Wong RHF, Sul HS. DNA-PK: Relaying the Insulin Signal to USF in Lipogenesis, Cell Cycle (IF = 5.006). 2009 Jul 1; 8(13):1977-8.
  2. Wong RHF, Chang I, Hudak CS, Hyun S, Kwan HY, Sul HS. A role of DNA-PK for the metabolic gene regulation in response to insulin. Cell (IF = 35.532). 2009 Mar 20;136(6):1056-72. (Faculty of 1000 selection).

*Co-first Authorship


Email: rogerwong@hkbu.edu.hk
Office: T1014
Office Tel: (+852) 3411 7262
External Website Link: https://sites.google.com/site/rwonglab/