PROF. ZHANG, Jianhua (張建華)

Dean of the Faculty of Science
Chair Professor of the Department

Ph.D. in Plant Physiology (University of Lancaster, England)
B.Sc. in Agronomy (Jiangsu Agricultural College, China)


  • Plant physiology and molecular biology under environmental stresses
  • Crop production under water-limited condition


Current research grants as Principal Investigator:

  1. 2012 Shenzhen Government, The Peacock Scheme (Overseas Talents Innovation & Entrepreneurship Funding Scheme), as Leader of the Innovative Team on Agricultural Biotechnology, for “Applied research of plant molecular biotechnology on modern agriculture”, RMB 30,000,000. Jan 2012-Dec 2017.
  2. 2015 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Cloning and Functional Study of A Rice Temperature Sensitive Female Sterility Gene.” HK$ 911,269 from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2018. (14122415).
  3. 2016 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Use transcriptome analysis to uncover the genetic distinction between superior and inferior rice spikelets of different grain filling efficiency”. HK$ 760,796 from 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2019. (14160516).
  4. 2017 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Molecular mechanism of sensing moisture by rice coleorhiza during germination”. HK$ 1,220,589. from 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2020. (14177617).

Current research grants as Co-Investigator:

  1. 2014-2021, Research Grants Council (RGC) Areas of Excellence Scheme (AoE) Grant “Center for organelle biogenesis and function”, Project Coordinator: Prof Jiang Liwen, HK$47,250,000 (AoE/M-05/12).
  2. 2017-2025, Research Grants Council (RGC) Areas of Excellence Scheme (AoE) Grant “Center for Genomic Studies on Plant-Environment Interaction for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security”, Project Coordinator: Prof Honming Lam, HK$81,156,000, (AoE/M-403/16).


Section A – Five most representative publications in recent five years

  1. Jin Y, Ye N, Zhu F, Li H, Wang J, Jiang L, Zhang J*. 2017. Calcium-dependent protein kinase CPK28 targets the methionine adenosyltransferases for degradation by the 26S proteasome and affects ethylene biosynthesis and lignin deposition in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 90, 304-318. DOI: 10.1111/tpj.13493.
  2. Zhu, Fu-Yuan; Chen, Mo-Xian; Ye, Neng-Hui; Shi, Lu; Ma, Kai-Long; Yang, Jing-Fang; Cao, Yun-Ying; Zhang, Youjun; Yoshida, Takuya; Fernie, Alisdair; Fan, Guang-Yi; Wen, Bo; Zhou, Ruo; Liu, Tieyuan; Fan, Tao; Gao, Bei; Zhang, Di; Hao, Gei-Fei; Xiao, Shi; Liu, Ying-Gao; Zhang J*. 2017. Proteogenomic analysis reveals alternative splicing and translation as part of the abscisic acid response in Arabidopsis seedlings. The Plant Journal, online doi: 10.1111/tpj.13571.
  3. Yuan W, Zhang D, Song T, Xu F, Lin S, Xu W, Li Q, Zhu Y, Liang J, Zhang J*. 2017. Arabidopsis plasma membrane H+-ATPase genes AHA2 and AHA7 have distinct and overlapping roles in the modulation of root tip H+ efflux in response to low-phosphorus stress. Journal of Experimental Botany 68. 1731-1741.
  4. Wang G, Hao S, Gao B, Chen M, Liu Y, Yang J, Ye N, Zhang J*. 2017. Regulation of Gene Expression in the Remobilization of Carbon Reserves in Rice Stems During Grain Filling. Plant and Cell Physiology, online doi: 10.1093/pcp/pcx072.
  5. Wang Z, Zhang W, Beebout S, Zhang H, Liu L, Yang J, Zhang J*. 2016. Grain yield, water and nitrogen use efficiencies of rice as influenced by irrigation regimes and their interaction with nitrogen rates. Field Crops Research 193, 54-69.

Section B – Five representative publications beyond the recent five-year period with the latest publication entered first

  1. Yang J, Zhang J*. 2006. Grain filling of cereals under soil drying. New Phytologist 169, 223-236. (Invited Tansley Review)
  2. Zhang J*, Jia W, Yang J, Ismail AM. 2006. Role of ABA in integrating plant responses to drought and salt stresses. Field Crops Research 97, 111-119. (Invited Review)
  3. Kang S, Zhang J*. 2004. Controlled alternate partial rootzone irrigation: its physiological consequences and impact on water use efficiency. Journal of Experimental Botany 55, 2437-2446. (Invited Review)
  4. Yang J, Zhang J*. 2010. Grain-filling problem in ‘super’ rice. Journal of Experimental Botany 61, 1-5. (Invited Review)
  5. Zhang J*. 2011. China’s success in increasing per capita food production. Journal of Experimental Botany 62, 3707-11. (Invited Review)


Office: FSC701A
Office Tel: (+852) 3411 7011