PROF. ZHANG, Jianhua (張建華)

Dean of the Faculty of Science
Chair Professor of the Department
B.Sc. in Agronomy (Jiangsu Agricultural College, China)Ph.D. in Plant Physiology (University of Lancaster, England)


  • Plant physiology and molecular biology under environmental stresses
  • Crop production under water-limited condition

Current research grants as Principal Investigator:

  1. 2015 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Cloning and Functional Study of A Rice Temperature Sensitive Female Sterility Gene.” HK$ 911,269 from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2018. (RGC Ref 14122415).
  2. 2016 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Use transcriptome analysis to uncover the genetic distinction between superior and inferior rice spikelets of different grain filling efficiency”. HK$ 760,796 from 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2019. (RGC Ref 14160516).
  3. 2017 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Molecular mechanism of sensing moisture by rice coleorhiza during germination”. HK$ 1,220,589.  from 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2020. (RGC Ref 14177617).
  4. 2018 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Functional characterization of an ABA-responsive splicing factor SR184 and its five transcript isoforms”. HK$ 1,073,230.  from 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2021. (RGC Ref 12100318).
  5. 2019 Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund “Breaking the barriers of grain-filling using novel mutant resources”. HK$ 1,346,641.  from 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2022. (RGC Ref 12103219).

Current research grants as Co-Investigator:

  1. 2014-2021, Research Grants Council (RGC) Areas of Excellence Scheme (AoE) Grant “Center for organelle biogenesis and function”, Project Coordinator: Prof Jiang Liwen, HK$47,250,000 (AoE/M-05/12).
  2. 2017-2025, Research Grants Council (RGC) Areas of Excellence Scheme (AoE) Grant “Center for Genomic Studies on Plant-Environment Interaction for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security”, Project Coordinator: Prof Honming Lam, HK$81,156,000, (AoE/M-403/16).


Section A – Five most representative publications in recent five years

  1. Wang, G.Q., Li, H.X., Feng, L., Chen, M.X., Meng, S., Ye, N. H., Zhang J*. 2019. Transcriptomic analysis of grain filling in rice inferior grains under moderate soil drying. Journal of Experimental Botany 70: 1597-1611.
  2. Wang G, Li H, Wang K, Yang J, Duan M, Zhang J*, Ye N. 2019. Regulation of gene expression involved in the remobilization of rice straw carbon reserves results from moderate soil drying during grain filling. The Plant Journal online
  3. Miao R, Wang M, Yuan W, Ren Y, Li Y, Zhang N, Zhang J*, Kronzucker HJ, Xu W. 2018. Comparative Analysis of Arabidopsis Ecotypes Reveals a Role for Brassinosteroids in Root Hydrotropism. Plant Physiology 176(4), 2720-2736. doi: 1104/pp.17.01563
  4. Ye N-H; Wang F, Shi L; Chen M-X, Cao Y-Y, Zhu F-Y, Wu Y-Z, Xie L-J, Liu T, Su Z-Z. Xiao S, Zhang H, Yang J, Gu Y-H, Hou X, Hu Q-J, Yi H-J, Zhu C-X, Zhang J*, Liu Y-G. 2018. Natural variation in the promoter of rice Calcineurin B-like Protein10 (OsCBL10) affects flooding tolerance during seed germination among rice subspecies. The Plant Journal 94, 618-625.
  5. Gao B, Chen M, Li X, Liang Y, Zhu F, Liu T, Zhang D, Wood AJ, Oliver MJ, Zhang J*. 2018. Evolution by duplication: paleopolyploidy events in plants reconstructed by deciphering the evolutionary history of VOZ transcription factors. BMC Plant Biology 18, 256.

Section B – Five representative publications beyond the recent five-year period with the latest publication entered first

  1. Yang J, Zhang J*. 2006. Grain filling of cereals under soil drying. New Phytologist 169, 223-236. (Invited Tansley Review).
  2. Zhang J*, Jia W, Yang J, Ismail AM. Role of ABA in integrating plant responses to drought and salt stresses. Field Crops Research 97, 111-119. (Invited Review).
  3. Kang S, Zhang J*. 2004. Controlled alternate partial rootzone irrigation: its physiological consequences and impact on water use efficiency. Journal of Experimental Botany 55, 2437-2446. (Invited Review).
  4. Yang J, Zhang J*. Grain-filling problem in ‘super’ rice. Journal of Experimental Botany 61, 1-5. (Invited Review)
  5. Zhang J*. 2011. China’s success in increasing per capita food production. Journal of Experimental Botany 62, 3707-11. (Invited Review)


Office: FSC701A
Office Tel: (+852) 3411 7011