Scholarships, Student Exchange Programme & Internships


Scholarships are offered by the Department of Biology and the Faculty of Science which include the following:

  1.  Alumna Esther Wong May Wai Scholarship;
  2. Biology Undergraduate Scholarship;
  3. Pisces Biology Scholarship;
  4. GreenWalls Bioengineering (HK) Limited Scholarship;
  5. Former Civil Engineering Department Head Dr. Yan Sze Kwan Memorial Scholarship;
  6. Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme;
  7. Lee Koon Shin Scholarship;
  8. Prof. Jerry W. Barrett Scholarship;
  9. The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and Donors Scholarship; and
  10. World Ginseng Organisation Scholarship

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Student Exchange Programme

Students can join the Student Exchange Programme and study outside of Hong Kong for one semester or one academic year, with numerous exchange partners located throughout the world.

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Eckerd College Summer Research Exchange Programme

For the 3rd time since 2015, the Department of Biology is offering students the opportunity to participate in the Eckerd College Summer Research Exchange Programme.

Location: Eckerd College, St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Duration: 17 June – 2 August 2019 (date to be confirmed)

Quota: 6 students

Eligibility: Priority is given to BIOL students who have completed 2nd or 3rd year and are not graduating in 2019.

Expenses:Students will pay for own airfare and meals. Accommodations on-campus will be provided free-of-charge. Depending on the type of passport you have, students may need to apply for a US VISA.

Financial assistance: Students may apply for the Reaching Out Award (offered by the Office of Student Affairs). The award is HK$10,000 and the deadline for application for this award is 26 April 2019 (click here for further details ). Students may also apply for Financial Support for Students’ Overseas Experience from BIOL Department.




Okinawa is the southernmost island group in Japan, which is famous for its high level of wildlife endemism. During this overseas field trip, students will be exposed to different groups of wildlife and habitats. They will have the chance to see a great variety of animals such as birds, frogs and snakes. They will also visit the famous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium to learn about marine biodiversity. The experience will be beneficial to their future participation in environmental research, education, nature conservation and ecotourism in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Excursion Dates: Monday, 29th May to Saturday, 3rd June 2017

Field-based training, including biodiversity survey techniques, may be provided to students before the trip. After the trip, all participants will be required to assist with post-trip activities, including public seminars and analysis of the data collected during the trip.


From 19 to 28 July 2016, 10 HKBU Biology students went on an adventure of a lifetime to experience firsthand the global biodiversity hotspot of Sri Lanka. Although small in size as a country, Sri Lanka boasts exceptionally high biodiversity in numerous habitats ranging from forests to savannas to coastal areas. It is hoped that their participation in the programme has helped them grow and given them food for thought for their future endeavours.


In July 2015, 14 students from the Department of Biology travelled to Sabah, which is famous for its extremely high biodiversity. The students ventured into lowland primary forests, montane primary forests and mangroves that proved to be an exhilarating experience for them, where they observed first-hand how wildlife survives in these pristine habitats. Many species that were observed are significantly threatened by habitat destruction, overexploitation or global climate change. It is hoped that the experience from this trip will motivate participants to develop a greater holistic understanding of sustainable development and proactive attitude to biodiversity conservation.

Sabah Excursion Photo Album: Part One
Sabah Excursion Photo Album: Part Two


In July 2014, a group of BIOL 1130 Biodiversity and GDSC 1006 You and Your Environment students, supported by HKBU and the Department of Biology went on an amazing field excursion to Madagascar, in which a book called “A Journey of Discovery to Madagascar” has now been published with Sun Effort Ltd. All profits will go to HKBU Biology Department to support students going on future overseas experiential learning trips.

You can also check out the poster, itinerary and YouTube videos to find out more!

Madagascar Field Trip 2014 Videos

Madagascar Field Trip 2014

Animals in Madagascar