Intake AY 2021/22

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Biology

Biology is the study of living things and their vital processes, where at HKBU the academic staff teaching the programmes have a diverse range of expertise, supported by access to a wide range of state-of-the-art research facilities. Currently students can choose either Biotechnology or Environmental Science as their major within the programme.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted on a Faculty basis with broad-based education in all scientific fields in Year 1. It allows students to explore and experience various scientific disciplines before choosing their Major study programme in Year 2.

Introductory science courses in Year One Curriculum for all students admitted into Faculty of Science

  • Introduction to Biology
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Essence of Computing
  • Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics
  • Introduction to Physics or Introduction to Energy Science
  • Integrated Science Laboratory

Apart from Integrated Science Laboratory, students are free to choose four or five

of the above introductory science courses in their Year 1 curriculum.

Criteria for Major Programme Assignment include:

(I)  Students who have attained a 5* in relevant science subjects will be guaranteed for admission to the relevant major programme; or

(i)  a minimum cGPA of 2.0 attained by the end of Year 1; and

(ii) a grade of C in BIOL1005 Introduction to Biology

(iii) interview performance, if applicable.


Intake AY2020/21

Major (Biotechnology or Environmental Science Courses) 65 units
Free Electives 32 units
General Education 18 units
University Core 13 units
Total 128 units

Biotechnology Concentration
(Years 2 – 4)
Environmental Science Concentration
(Years 2 -4)
Year 2 Biological Chemistry
Cell Biology
Cell Biology Lab
Genetics Lab
Microbiology Lab
Free Elective
General Education
Biodiversity Lab
Biological Chemistry
Cell Biology
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Microbiology Lab
Free Elective
General Education
Year 3 Animal Physiology
Animal Physiology Lab
Molecular Biology
Plant Physiology
Plant Physiology Lab
Major Elective
Free Elective
General Education or GE Capstone
Biological Resources and Management
Ecology Lab
Environmental Health and Toxicology
Waste Treatment and Recycling
Major Elective
Free Elective
General Education or GE Capstone
Year 4 Animal and Plant Biotechnology
Applied Biology Project I
Biotechnology Studies Lab I
Biotechnology Studies Lab II
Developmental Biology
Fermentation and Enzyme Technology
Major Elective
Free Elective
GE Capstone
Applied Biology Project I
Environmental Biotechnology
Environmental Science Lab I
Environmental Science Lab II
Principles of Environmental Management
Major Elective
Free Elective
GE Capstone

* A minimum of 3-unit major elective is required to meet programme graduation requirement