PROF. QIU, Jianwen (邱建文)


M.Sc. (First Institute of Oceanography, SOA)
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Shandong College of Oceanology)

Researcher Assistant / Postgraduate Student (Coral Biology)

  • We are seeking a postgraduate student / RA to study the biology of corals and coral eating nudibranchs.
  • He/She will be responsible for conducting experiments, analyzing data, keeping good laboratory records and preparing research findings for publication.
  • Applicants should have a good publication record in marine biology with experience in molecular techniques. Good command of English and Chinese is essential.
  • For the RA, salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience and initial appointment will be made on a fixed-term contract of one year. Reappointment thereafter is subject to mutual agreement and availability of funding.
  • For the postgraduate (PhD/MPhil) student, standard studentship will be provided to cover living expenses and tuition. Tuition fee for local postgraduate students are covered by UGC.

  • Deep-sea Biodiversity and Population Connectivity
  • Shallow-water Biodiversity and Ecology
  • Application of Genomic and Proteomic Tools in Non-model Organisms


  1. Evolution and adaptation of life in cold seep systems. National Key R & D Program of China. 1/8/2018 to 31/12/2021.
  2. The South China Sea and beyond: A genome-wide phylogeographical study of macrobenthos in the chemosynthesis-based ecosystems of the subtropical to temperate Northwestern Pacific Ocean. GRF Hong Kong (12302917). 09/2017-08/2020.
  3. Biodiversity and protection assessment in the u-shaped ocean ridge hydrothermal vent systems. China Ocean Mineral Resources R & D Association. 1/7/2018-31/12/2020.
  4. Bleaching in subtropical corals of the northern South China Sea: differential susceptibility to environmental stressors and molecular mechanisms. GRF Hong Kong (12102018). 1/9/2018-31/8/2020.
  5. Thermal and salinity thresholds of bleaching in Hong Kong corals. ECF Hong Kong (ECF 2017-03). 1/6/2018 to 31/5/2020.
  6. Coral bleaching: Molecular mechanisms and early warning biomarkers. Source: Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission. Duration: 27/05/2017-31/05/2019. PI: J.W. Qiu, Co-Is: Baohua Xiao (Guangdong Ocean University, China)
  7. Divergence of perivitelline fluid proteins in association with the change in egg deposition environment in apple snails: A transcriptomic and proteomic approach. Source: GRF Hong Kong (HKBU 12301415). Duration: 01/2016-12/2018. PI: J.W. Qiu, Co-Is: Ka Hou Chu (CUHK), Horacio Heras (Argentina)
  8. Ecology and biodiversity of benthic marine ecosystems before and after the trawling ban in Hong Kong coastal waters (HKU5/CRF/12G). Duration: 01/2014-12/2017. PC: Kenneth Leung, HKU; Co-PIs: William Cheung (UBC), Chu Ka Hou (CUHK), Xiang Dong Li (PolyU), Yvonne Sadovy (HKU), Paul Lam (CityU), David Dudgeon (HKU), Gray Williams (HKU), Wai Keung Li (HKU), J.W. Qiu (HKBU).
  9. Field experiments on coral bioerosion. Source: ECF Hong Kong (ECF 2015-84). Duration: 6/2016-5/2018. PI: J.W. Qiu
  10. Marine genomics: crustacean evolution and aquaculture (C5002-14G). Duration 01/2015-12/2018. PC: Ka Hou Chu (CUHK), Co-PIs: J.W. Qiu (HKBU), and 5 other researchers from CUHK, HKU and HKBU.
  11. Mechanistic study on the organotin-mediated imposex in the rock shell Thais clavigera using RNA-sequencing analysis (HKU 771212M). Duration: 1/1/2013-31/12/2015. PI: Kenneth Leung, HKU; CoI: J.W. Qiu
(Chinese Version)

(English Version)


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  2. 2010-2016. “Identification of marine animals collected from Mai Po Ramsar Site” for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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  3. WANG Zhi (Ph.D. Student)
  4. XIE, James Yang (Research Fellow)
  5. XU, Ting (Senior Research Assistant)
  6. ZHANG, Yanjie (Senior Research Assistant)


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  • Nga Cheung Wong (2003-2005), MPhil. Thesis: Effects of algae (Isochrysis galbana) and humic acids on copper toxicity to polychaete (Hydroides elegans) larvae.


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