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Environmental, Health and Ecology

The environmental health research group focuses on health and disease mechanism and its relation with the environment.


  • Prof. Chris KC Wong’s works on the impact of environmental pollutant, bisphenol A, a residual component of plastics, on human fertility has won great publicity.


  • Prof. Zhao Zhongying’s group has established a state-of-the-art platform for automated screening of developmental defects with single-cell resolution after exposure to environmental challenges and has been outstanding in competing for RGC funding and generating significant publications.


  • Professor Ken Yung’s group patented and commercialized his nano-particle methodology for potential treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Dr.  Allen Cheung’s group is focused on understanding immune mechanisms underlying cancers, neurodegenerative diseases and persistent viral infections that are affected by the environmental and dietary factors.


  • Dr. Pan-Jun Kim’s group focuses on computational modeling and large-scale data analysis of complex biological systems, including human microbial ecosystems in health and disease and biomolecular networks inside and between cells. Dr. Kim’s innovative research outcomes have been featured in BBC Future and other international news media.
Prof Wong Chris K C (1)
PROF. WONG, Chris Kong Chu (黃港住)
Acting Dean and Professor
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PROF. YUNG, Ken Kin Lam (翁建霖)
Professor Executive Associate Dean (EAD), Graduate School
PROF. ZHAO, Zhongying (趙中應)
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DR. CHEUNG, Allen Ka Loon (張嘉龍)
Assistant Professor
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DR. KIM, Pan-Jun (金判俊)
Assistant Professor
DR. LIAO Pan (廖攀)
Assistant Professor
DR. CHAN, Veronica Wai Yee(陳慧儀)