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Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences (CIES)
CIES is a technology transfer centre that provides information and assistance in the practical application of new and developing technologies for the sustainable use and management of our natural resources, including air, soil, water and biological resources in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta and South East Asian Region.
Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture (IBA)
Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture (IBA) serves as a professional platform to vitalize the agricultural industry, to conserve the bioresource and biodiversity, and to cultivate the public education on sustainability practices in the community.
Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre (HKORC)
Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre was established in December 2002, which is the first local certification body of organic products set up under the Agricultural Development Fund to facilitate the development of organic farming.
The Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment (ARCPE)
The Centre aims to improve the environmental quality of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region by creating a platform for various stakeholders in Hong Kong and PRD to tackle trans-boundary pollution problems at sources, advocating the governments on environmental policy, and providing solutions for the industries.