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Bioresource and Agriculture

Research in the Department of Biology is focused on Bioresources and Agriculture and Environmental Health, which are in line with our university’s strategic plan on developing the research cluster of health and drug discovery and the Faculty’s niche research area of Environment and Health.


  • The main research areas include bioresource management and plant/crop responses to adverse environments for enhanced crop production.
  • The research team led by Prof. Jonathan Wong has achieved wide recognition academically and socially for their research in food waste treatment and organic farming. Under Prof. Jonathan Wong’s leadership, the Hong Kong Organic Resource
  • Centre has developed the certification system, provides certification service and educates the public on organic living.
  • The teams of Jianhua Zhang, Prof. Yiji Xia and Prof. Liming Xiong are working on plant-environment interactions. These research teams established extensive collaborations among the team members and with other local and overseas scientists. The teams have taken integrated genetic, physiology, and molecular approaches to understand mechanisms of plant stress responses and apply the knowledge to improve food production.
  • Jianwen Qiu’s research team gains significant recognition with their works on deep-sea biodiversity and population connectivity, shallow-water biodiversity and ecology, as well as application of genomic and proteomic tools in non-model organisms. Jill Chiu’s original research on marine environmental science and ecotoxicology has had
  • A global impact and attracted worldwide attention, as reflected in her publications and social services for Hong Kong and the region.
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PROF. QIU, Jianwen (邱建文)
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PROF. ZHANG, Jianhua (張建華)
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PROF. WONG, Ricky Ngok Shun (黃岳順)
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PROF. XIA, Yiji (夏亦薺)
Chair Professor
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PROF. XIONG, Liming (熊禮明)
DR. PRADHAN, Nirakar
DR. PRADHAN, Nirakar
Assistant Professor
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DR. CHIU, Jill Man Ying (招文瑛)
Associate Professor
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DR. CHUNG, Shan Shan (鍾姍姍)
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DR. LEUNG, Anna Oi Wah (梁愛華)
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DR. YUE, Patrick Ying Kit (余英傑)
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DR. LAW, Michelle Man Suet (羅文雪)
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Kube Wu photo
DR. WU, Haoxiang (吳浩翔)
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PROF. WONG, Jonathan Woon Chung (黃煥忠)
Professor and Head of Department