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PROF. QIU, Jianwen (邱建文)

Professor and Associate Head of Department

(+852) 3411 7055
(+852) 3411 7055
RRS 820


M.Sc. (First Institute of Oceanography, SOA)
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Shandong College of Oceanology)

Selected Publications






  1. Xu T, Wang Y, Sun J, Chen C, Watanabe HK, Chen J, Qian PY, Qiu JW (2021) Hidden historical habitat-linked population divergence and contemporary gene flow of a deep-sea patellogastropod limpet. Molecular Biology and Evolution 38(12): 5640–5654

  2. Sun Y, Sun J, Yang Y, Lan Y, Ip JCH, Wong WC, Kwan YH, Zhang Y, Han Z, Qiu JW, Qian PY(2021) Genomic signatures supporting the symbiosis and formation of chitinous tube in the deep-sea tubeworm Paraescarpia echinospica. Molecular Biology and Evolution 38(10):4116–41343

  3. Ip JC, Xu T, Sun J, Li R, Chen C, Lan Y, Han Z, Zhang H, Wei J, Wang H, Tao J, Cai Z, Qian PY, Qiu JW (2021) Host-endosymbiont Genome integration in a deep-sea chemosymbiotic clam. Molecular Biology and Evolution38(2):502–518

  4. Sun J, Mu H, Ip JCH, Li R, Xu T, Accorsi A, Sánchez Alvarado A, Ross E, Lan Y, Sun Y, Castro-Vazquez A, Vega IA, Heras H, Ituarte S, Van Bocxlaer B, Hayes KA, Cowie RH, Zhao Z, Zhang Y, Qian PY, Qiu JW(2019) Signatures of divergence, invasiveness and terrestralization revealed by four apple snail genomes. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36: 1507–1520
  5. Sun J, Zhang Y, Xu T, Zhang Y, Mu H, Zhang Y, Lan Y, Fields CJ, Hui JHL, Zhang W, Li R, Nong W, Cheung FKM, Qiu JW, Qian PY (2017) Adaptation to deep-sea chemosynthetic environments as revealed by mussel genomes. Nature Ecology & Evolution1(5):0121


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