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Dr. Yang Zhu

DR. Yang, Zhu (楊鑄)

Assistant Professor

(+852) 3411 5162
(+852) 3411 5162


Ph.D. (Hong Kong Baptist University)

M.Sc. (Peking University)

B.Sc. (Peking University)

Selected Publications

  1. Yang Z#, Wu D#, Lu S#, Qiu Y#, Hua Z, Tan F, Zhang C, Zhang L, Zhang D, Zhou X*, Cai Z*, Shang Y*, Lin S*. (2022). Plasma metabolome and cytokine profile reveal glycylproline modulating antibody-fading in convalescent COVID-19 patients. P Natl Acad Sci USA. 119,
  2. Wu P, Lin S, Cao G, Wu J, Jin H, Wang C, Wong MH, Yang Z*, Cai Z*. (2022) Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity of Microplastics in the Human Body and Health Implications. J Hazard Mater, 129361.
  3. Shen Y, Xie G, Lin S, Zhu L, Zhang H, Yang Z*, Cai Z. (2022) Metabolomics and proteomics study reveals the effects of benzo[a]pyrene on the viability and migration of KYSE-150 esophageal cells. Sci Total Environ,
  4. He Z, Zhang H, Song Y, Yang Z*, Cai Z*. (2022) Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter Impedes the Function of Spleen in the Mouse Metabolism of High-fat Diet, J Hazard Mater,
  5. Yang Z#, Yang D#, Tan F, Wong CW, Yang JY, Zhou D*, Cai Z*, Lin S-H*. (2021) Multi-omics comparison of the spontaneous diabetes mellitus and diet-induced prediabetic macaque models. Front Pharmacol 12:784231.
  6. Zeng T, Liang Y, Chen J, Cao G, Yang Z, Zhao X, Tian J, Xin X, Lei B, and Cai Z*. (2021) Urinary Metabolic Characterization with Nephrotoxicity for Residents under Cadmium Exposure. Environ Int, 154, 106646.
  7. Shao X#, Zhang H#, Yang Z, Zhong H, Xia Y*, Cai Z*. (2020) NAD tagSeq for transcriptome-wide identification and characterization of NAD+-capped RNAs, Nat Protoc, 15(9) 2813-2836.
  8. Song Y, Qi Z, Zhang Y, Wei J, Liao X, Li R, Dong C, Zhu L, Yang Z, Cai Z*. (2020) Effects of exposure to ambient fine particulate matter on the heart of diet-induced obesity mouse model. Sci Total Environ, 732:139304.
  9. Wang K#, Yang Z#, Qing D#, Ren F#, Liu S, Zheng Q, Liu J, Zhang W, Dai C, Wu M, Chehab EW, Braam J, and Li N*. (2018). Quantitative and functional posttranslational modification proteomics reveals that TREPH1 plays a role in plant touch-delayed bolting. P Natl Acad Sci USA. 115, E10265–E10274.
  10. Qing D#, Yang Z#, Li M, Wong WS, Guo G, Liu S, Guo H, and Li N*. (2016). Quantitative and Functional Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis Ethylene-insensitive Mutant ein3eil1 Revealed an Ethylene-regulated Water Transport via the Phosphorylation of Aquaporin PIP2;1. Molecular Plant, 9(1): 158-74.