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(+852) 3411 6678
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Ph.D. (Plant Science, University of Arizona)
Ph.D. (Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
M.S. (Nanjing Agricultural University)
B.S. (Huazhong Agricultural University)


Professor Liming Xiong obtained his BSc in Soil & Agricultural Chemistry from Huazhong Agricultural University, MS in Plant Nutrition and Fertilization, Nanjing Agricultural University and PhD in Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing in China.  He obtained another PhD in Plant Science, University of Arizona, Tucson in USA.  He has worked in different corners of the world including China, France, USA and the Middle East.


Joining the University in 2019, Prof Xiong is interested in revealing the molecular mechanisms underlying plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions such as drought, high soil salinity and extreme temperatures. By using interdisciplinary approaches, his group is identifying important genes controlling plant resilience to abiotic stress and is uncovering their modes of action. The knowledge gained in the study and the stress-tolerance genes thus identified will be used for breeding or bioengineering next-generation hardy crop plants.